What We Do

Smithland Schnauzers is a local dog breeder that for over 20 years has been successfully breeding miniature and toy Schnauzers and selling puppies to people from Raleigh, NC and around the states. We offer a wide variety of services, including the following:

puppy socialization

Dog Breeding

We are hobby breeders meaning that unlike kennels that mate their dogs regularly, we do it occasionally ensuring the lineage does not have genetic defects or other issues. We make sure the puppies we sell are the perfect example of the breed.

Puppy Socialization

We love our pets and their puppies, and we want the best for them. Our mission is to find a loving family for each of them and help them get used to their new home as soon as possible. That is why from the first day they come into this world, we raise them indoors and expose them to all the usual noises, other pets, and people, so they are not agitated when they leave us.

Health Examination

We make sure all our puppies are current with all their vaccinations for their age and are wormed. Before you receive the dog, it will have a health examination by our veterinarians and its health and condition will be documented so we can give a 1-year health guarantee for any genetic defects.

Puppy Packages

Each dog goes to its new family with a puppy pack containing a sample of its food, health record, and own blanket and toys. Please do not take your puppy to the local store for supplies as it is still a baby and its immune system not be fully developed.

Shipping Options

Shipping is available for our puppies for an additional charge that includes the traveling expenses such as kennel options, airline charges, health certificates, and vet examinations.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Smithland Schnauzers in Raleigh, NC via the contact form on one of our other pages or by calling us at (336) 570-2290 right away. We will be more than happy to hear from you soon!