Responsible Dog Breeding

Take a Closer Look at Your Local Dog Breeder

Dog breeding is basically the practice of mating selected dogs with the main purpose of producing puppies with specific characteristics and qualities. In this case, breeding does not pertain to natural breeding where dogs just breed by themselves without any human intervention. Here is an article on dog breeding and the responsibilities that each local dog breeder should bear when being involved in this business.


Dogs basically make the perfect house pets since they are loyal, obedient, and playful. That is the reason dog breeding has increased over the years, not only because households are looking to adopt more pets, but also it creates a perfect opportunity for breeders to make an income.

There is an ethical issue when it comes to breeding that involves human intervention. Although most dog breeders are responsible enough, there are some who force the issue and allow their pets to reproduce new puppies even when the dam (mother) is still recovering from a previous pregnancy. You can always report these owners to relevant authorities, as this causes major health concerns for the dogs.


Take note that raising puppies is a full-time job. Breeders do not just leave the puppies with their dams and sires (fathers) and wait for them to mature. These puppies also need extra feeding, cleanup, grooming, and training. Additionally, veterinary care (which includes screening and health tests) is needed, and that can take up numerous hours.

This commitment is required not only for the breeders but also for the family or individual who will be adopting the said puppy or puppies. The care and protection that the breeder provided for the puppies should also be present with the new owners as well.

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