Professional and Helpful Schnauzer Breeders!

Are you interested in owning a small puppy that is playful, intelligent, and generally healthy? If your answer is “yes,” then we might have the ideal solution for you – A Miniature Schnauzer. Smithland Schnauzers are local Schnauzer breeders where you can get information on this dog breed. We are a certified dog breeder, and our business in Raleigh, NC is not just a kennel. All the young and mature dogs we look after are part of our family.

Getting such a pocket-sized pet has so many benefits. It is the perfect gift for both children and adults. All our staff members are very meticulous with all the paperwork and happy to provide additional information. When we sell a pet schnauzer, we always make sure the new owner knows how to care for such a breed. We explain all the details regarding their health, habits, character, grooming habits, etc. As professional breeders, we always adhere to the established Miniature Schnauzer standard.

We ensure that all the puppies we sell are healthy and from healthy bloodlines. Once you purchase such a beautiful dog, you will see how adorable they are. There are many kennels and breeders who offer small-size breeds, but would you like to have a pet that as an adult still looks like a puppy? The temperament of your pet Schnauzer will make your day. Come to us, and we will provide you with more information you need about this breed.

Many people just want a pet, but they don’t realize the importance of turning to a professional breeder. Smithland Schnauzers has been in this industry for 20 years and you can count on us for everything related to Miniature Schnauzers, so for more information call us at (336) 570-2290. We are Schnauzer breeders, and you can call us anytime time you have any inquiries. To learn more about our business, do not wait and give us a call right now. We are in Raleigh, NC!