Contact Our Dog Breeder if You’re Looking for Puppies to Adopt

If you’ve already set your heart on purebred puppies, you have a few options available to you. Even if purebred puppies are available for adoption via private rescue groups and shelters, you’ll often find adult purebred or mixed-breed dogs. If you need to own purebred puppies, your best option is to look for a trusted dog breeder in Raleigh, NC who is dedicated to raising healthy and well-behaved puppies of their chosen breed.

Here are the 4 various advantages of working with Smithland Schnauzers in Raleigh, NC.

We provide expert breed assistance.

If you’ve never owned a certain breed before, we can guide you on what to expect and help you decide if the breed is a good match with your lifestyle and family. We’re not here to make money – we’ll never pressure you into buying a puppy if your chosen breed isn’t a good match!

We offer a good example of a breed.

We follow the breed standard, which is the written description of the temperamental and ideal physical characteristics of the breed. Normally, it includes weight, height, color, coat length, eye shape, shoulder layback, and more. All of these details aren’t arbitrary – the characteristics outlined keep purebred dogs true to its roots. Our puppies are capable of doing the original tasks it was intended to perform, whether it’s guarding at home, dispatching vermin, hunting in the field, or herding livestock.

We provide your puppy’s history.

Our dog breeder use breeds to research their breeding dog’s relatives. Going back to many generations to find the most suitable matches that can produce healthy puppies and be good representations of the breed is one of our tasks.

You’ll meet the puppy’s parents.

When you buy from our team, you could meet the puppy’s mother or other relatives. If the father is present. You can meet him as well! If not, we can provide you with videos and pictures and could disclose the father’s breed. Meeting your puppy’s parents and other relatives can provide you with a really good idea of how you could expect your puppy to act and look when he grows up.

If you need our dog breeder, you should contact Smithland Schnauzers at (336) 570-2290 for more details!